Who are we ? / Introduction

IMCAS Mission Statement

IMCAS is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of teaching through the interface of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Achieving this vision requires a dynamic organization whose mission embodies the following standards:

  • Unification and fair representation of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
  • Excellence in teaching all leading subjects on Aging Skin Treatments
  • Constant adherence to ethical conduct

Unequalled Tradition of Professional Support

IMCAS started in 1994, in Paris, France, as a congress dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Since its conception, IMCAS has sought to bridge the knowledge vacuum between Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology, thereby generating a synergetic and mutually reinforcing interface among these two fields.


What began more than a decade ago has now grown in terms of participation and renown. As such, IMCAS has become one of the most important international courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. IMCAS Annual World Congress is held in Paris during the month of January and welcomes more than 4 500 participants from 85 countries.

Who are we ? / IMCAS by its participants

Susan H WEINKLE - Dermatologist, United States
"I truly think it is the meeting at which I learn the most and become inspired about how I treat my patients. Each year I take home innovative new techniques to improve my skills. I have always found IMCAS to provide the most exciting professional learning experiences. It is an honor to be a part of this conference."

Dr Joel Edward PESSA - Plastic Surgeon, United States
"This is the most enjoyable and the best teaching conference I can remember. The cadaver workshop is spectacular. I can not remember a meeting with more positive and enthusiastic feedback from the audience. The attendants seem to have truly appreciated the scientific and didactic sessions. So many people have approached me to say how much they have learned and have enjoyed this meeting. We all agree this is a wonderful learning experience."

Dr Hema SUNDARAM - Dermatologist, United States
"I consider IMCAS the epitome of international learning and dialogue in aesthetics. It is wonderful to see how the meeting grows stronger and more dynamic each year. The faculty and program are of the highest calibre, and make IMCAS an unmissable educational opportunity. I especially urge my colleagues from North America to attend the next IMCAS - it will be a unique and unforgettable experience."

Dr Hugo KITCHEN - Cosmetic Surgeon, United Kingdom
"By not attending IMCAS on an annual basis, every aesthetic physician/surgeon would be starving him/herself of the most valuable updates available. The MOST powerful tool known to our knowledge. The most illuminating and up-to-date conference on aesthetics that one can attend. It can never be taken away. An absolute MUST for the beginner and expert alike!"

Dr Sergio Omar ESCOBAR - Dermatologist, Argentina
"I have to say that I come back to Buenos Aires feeling that I am a little better professional after these events in Paris"

Dr Nader SAAB - Plastic Surgeon, Lebanon
"Everything was really organized, rich in scientific and medical information. I would like to attend more congresses."

Dr Amit LUTHRA - Dermatologist, India
"As always a wonderful experience with lots of take homes."

Dr Panagiota RIGA - Dermatologist, Greece
"I always learn something new. It is an opportunity to meet the experts and benefit of their experience."