Who are we ? / Specific task forces

All members of the IMCAS Board, Scientific and Local Support Committee within our worldwide congresses are in charge of various task forces. Here below is the complete list of our task forces:

Task force n°1: Scientific

  • Suggests scientific themes and speakers
  • Involves in setting-up the scientific program (session topics and speakers)
  • Constantly appraises session content and provides recommendations for adjustments, improvements and innovation
  • Raises educational standards through the post-conference materials, by sharing his / her presentation slides (or a selection / part of the presentation)
  • Replies to an interview or writes an official letter published on IMCAS website or through IMCAS newsletter
  • Organizes live demonstrations performed by foreign practitioners to ensure that at least one local junior physician attends each demonstration room
  • Maintains the IMCAS radar screen of strategic and priority issues and organizational assignments

Task force n°2: Ethics

  • Prepares and maintains the guidelines outlining a code of conduct and ethical principles for dermatologists and plastic surgeons lecturers
  • Reviews complaints or charges alleging violation of these guidelines through the evaluation form submitted by each delegate at the end of each conference

Task force n°3: Practice management

  • Addresses issues that plastic surgeons and dermatologists face on a daily basis in their practice to achieve the best interest in our patients:
    • legal issues
    • allied health professionals (staff) issues
    • marketing and development issues
  • Provides feedback, rates the general organization of the congresses he / she attended, and lets IMCAS Secretariat know about his / her comments and suggestions

Task force n°4: Young physicians

  • Presents young physicians issues to the IMCAS Scientific Board
  • Fosters participation to the IMCAS conferences

Task force n°5: New technologies

  • Identifies and evaluates the impact of emerging medical, technical, legal and financial issues in all the treatments dealing with aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology

Task force n°6: CME - evaluation

  • Reviews each IMCAS educational program and provides approval / recognition of IMCAS credit in regards to
    • European legislation, and
    • each country legislation
  • Helps with government accreditation if necessary

Task force n°7: Poster exhibits / Free communications

  • Enhances the educational value of the IMCAS meetings by organizing poster exhibits and free communications sessions
  • These poster exhibits are solicited, reviewed and approved by a peer review committee
  • Develops guidelines and monitors posters for quality educational content

Task force n°8: Relations with international and national plastic surgery and dermatology societies

  • Draws up a general schedule with the different events in the world, managed by the official societies of plastic surgery and dermatology
  • Provides an approach between local official medical societies and IMCAS Secretariat
  • Shows right path for IMCAS program distribution / display
  • Supports IMCAS with plastic surgery and dermatology data (members of official medical societies living in the country of the correspondent and in the bordering countries)

Task force n°9: Study of other countries congresses dealing with aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology

  • 1. Attends the congress of dermatology or aesthetic surgery
  • 2. Gets the complete conference package (final scientific program, exhibitors list, congress bag, etc)
  • 3. Hands out and displays at the dedicated desk the flyers of the IMCAS upcoming congresses
  • 4. Tours the exhibition area for further information about the exhibitors, and collects exhibitors business cards, brochures, etc
  • 5. And writes down a complete report about the attended conference