Abstract submission / IMCAS Incubator

Step 1 : Guidelines


The IMCAS Scientific Program Committee welcomes the submission of innovative ideas or technologies for a series of 15-min Incubator sessions.

You will have to go through three different steps to complete this submission process:

  • STEP 1 -> carefully read the guidelines below
    • keep your content fully protected and
    • make your abstract as relevant as possible for us to select properly
  • STEP 2 -> submit your Incubator Idea abstract
  • STEP 3 -> fill in our Conflict of Interests Form

WHO? Participant's educational background requirements

He/she has to be both:

  • a physician
  • AND the inventor of that new technology/product/application

The author's academic degrees must be attached within the "Short Biostatement" field, later on within this submission.

WHAT? The content

In general

Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full wording at the first time it appears in the body of the text. Standard abbreviations may be employed in the text.

It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

Please note that each year, some abstract submissions are rejected because the content doesn't future actual data or is poorly drafted. Changes to abstracts can only be accepted until the deadline using the Personal Page.


Our IMCAS Incubator is, as any, a program designed to help with the commercial and marketing development of a new idea or product. Prestigious organizations such as the M.I.T., Massachussets Institute of Technology (USA), or H.E.C, Haute Ecole de Commerce (France), developed their own business incubators during the past years. Basically, if interested in your idea, the industrial representative will provide you with business basics, networking activities, marketing assistance in order to get your innovation developed and visible on the market.

IMCAS will act there as a TALENT SCOUT, our conference being the utmost platform of exchanges between industrial representatives of the aesthetic medical and surgical markets and practitioners from all around the world.

If our scientific committee selects your abstract, you will be given the fantastic opportunity to meet with influent players within the industry.

The industrial representative and you will enter into a contractual relationship outlining the work to be performed and the financial terms of the relationship. 

The abstract you are submitting now has to be an attractive sneak peek of what you have in mind to demonstrate that your concept is a true innovation, without revealing every single aspect of your idea.

Indeed, the abstract must not contain any confidential information. However, keep in mind that to be selected, your abstract has to "catch" the eye of our scientific committee.

So keep posted and find the true and fair balance between:

  • not telling too much
  • and tell enough!

HOW? Submission modalities

Conflict of Interest Policy

IMCAS adheres to international criteria that are the basis for any reputable congress.

This is why we constantly insist on complete independence between instructional (or scientific) courses and the industry sponsors of our conferences.

Within all IMCAS programs, the distinction is clearly stated and each session is:

  • either sponsored
  • or non sponsored
A speaker may choose to lecture within a sponsored session or a non sponsored session. In all cases, the speaker should comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy and disclose activities and relationships that, if known to others, might be viewed as a conflict of interest.

Thus, IMCAS offers two types of sessions within all its scientific programs:

  • sponsored sessions (such as symposia, live demonstration, etc) that involve a brand's participation
  • non-sponsored scientific sessions, the content of these sessions being strictly independent from any company
Sponsored Session:

As previously stated, this first type of session can support a brand, a company, or a specific product. Once the abstract has been submitted, you are free to manage your presentation as you wish and as you have agreed with your Sponsor.

Sponsored sessions lectures content is not endorsed by IMCAS.

Non-sponsored Scientific Session:

This second type of sessions involve lectures that are strictly unbiased. These scientific lectures are presumed to be based on objective interpretations of evidence and unbiased interpretations of facts. In light of this objectivity matter, a different process is thus required for the abstract approval.

  • Presentation of unbiased content
  • No brand can be named within your lecture except if it is used in comparison with other brands to support a specific point. You are therefore strongly invited to only mention devices or products technical characteristics rather than their brand names.
  • Full disclosure of any conflict of interest

If and only if all of the above requirements is followed, the Chair will fully authorize the lecture.

Abstract submission deadline

Abstract submission deadline: September 15, 2012 12:00 AM GMT
Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.

Format & language

Please observe that abstracts can only be submitted electronically through our website. Abstracts must be written in English and the presentations must be in English.

Legal protection of your incubator idea

The step forward the abstract acceptance will contain a significant document to be downloaded: the CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. For your content to be protected IMCAS will provide you with it. Both parties (the industrial representative and yourself) can sign it prior to the speed dating meeting.

This is a genuine legal document, featuring the usual protection clauses such as:

  • Non publicity clause
  • Ownership clause
  • Return of confidential information
  • No other obligation
  • ...


The need for that CDA to be signed or not is eventually up to you. The meeting being a 15-min talk, you can perfectly discuss your idea on a general and non-confidential basis, establishing this way a first contact with the industrial representative. The CDA can thus be signed later, on a second meeting where you discuss there confidential aspects of your invention and give detailed documents such as blue prints or test results.

A full written procedure explaining which information you can and can't give without a CDA will be sent to you if your abstract is accepted.

Immediate submission aknowledgment

Please be sure your abstract fits the instructions above before any submission. Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will be returned to your email address immediately upon submission. If you do not receive the e-mail, your submission was not completed and your abstract needs to be re-submitted.

Registration and payment

Once you have completed your submission, you will be receiving within the next 48 hours your personal LOG IN and PASSWORD. These will allow you to access your personal IMCAS page, where your abstract status could be checked at any time. Definitive answer is to be posted to you within the 30 days following your submission. If your abstract is chosen, you'll get all the payment and disclosure instructions. More info on IMCAS BADGE POLICY?

Presentation format

Accepted abstracts selected by expert reviewers will be presented in speed dating sessions.

If your abstract is accepted by the Scientific Committee, here are the requirements:

On site, beginning October 4, 2012 12:00 AM present yourself at the FACULTY WELCOME DESK to retrieve your badge and get the exact time slot of your speed dating(s).

You will be appointed with four 15-min time slots (i.e four industrial representatives).

  • Present the CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to the industrial representative and if needed, get his/her authorized signature.
  • Discuss your invention with her/him using your own laptop or paper support. Every 15 min, you will switch with another attendee and meet with a different industrial representative.

Publication of abstract

Due to confidentiality, Incubators abstracts will not be published.

For submission support please contact the Congress Secretariat at: contact@imcasmail.com