Invitation letter for visa / Guidelines

To attend our conference, the hosting country can require that you get a visa.

One can ask for:

  • a Tourist Visa
  • or a Business Visa (which will require that we send you the below Invitation Letter).

International Medical Conferences, such as IMCAS, are often organized from a different country where they are finally physically held.

Hence, the Invitation Letter we will be providing you will necessarily bear IMCAS HEAD OFFICES STAMP (whether in Paris or in Hong Kong).

However in some cases, you might be required to provide additional local attestations or stamps from Hong Kong SAR China, which is why we strongly suggest you to ask for a simple Tourist Visa.

In case you still wish to ask for a Business Visa, the Invitation Letter is necessary. Kindly follow the process explained below.

What is the procedure?

  • One needs to be registered first and get the corresponding invoice. Note that ten to fifteen working days are necessary between the moment you registered and the moment you will be receiving the invoice. So register yourself well in advance! Registration is to be done through this link.
  • Once your invoice is received, take note of its number.
  • Use that "INVOICE NUMBER" while filling in your request.

What if you do not have your "INVOICE NUMBER" yet?

  • As explained, once you registered, a 10 to 15-working days period is necessary to edit and email you back your invoice. This amount of time could unfortunately hardly be decreased.
  • It is mandatory to get your "INVOICE NUMBER" first. Consequently, any demand which will be uncompletely filled in will not be taken into account.

What if you are a member of an exhibiting company and do not have an individual "INVOICE NUMBER" for your registration?

  • Before filling in your request, obtain from your company the "INVOICE NUMBER" corresponding to their participation at the congress.
  • Once this "INVOICE NUMBER" is received, take note of the number.
  • Use that "INVOICE NUMBER" while filling in your request.

What if you do not obtain your visa?

  • Fax us or email us the written answer of the Embassy or the Consulate in which you submitted your request.
  • Our Accounting Department will immediately reimburse you (total paid minus 30 euros fees). Note that the official refusal document of the Embassy is mandatory though.

Click here to submit your "invitation letter for visa" request.
It will be sent to you in the 2 following days by email and by air mail if needed.