Press accreditation / Guidelines

IMCAS is glad to welcome each year the media from all around the world during its annual meetings.

To ensure efficient registration, please follow these steps :

  1. Review the IMCAS' Press Guidelines
  2. Complete the online application for Press accreditation
  3. Within 7 days of receipt, applications are reviewed. Notification of your registration status will be e-mailed to you. Check your emails!
  4. Review the Press Office Location and Hours
  5. Once your press release is finished, you can if wanted submit it for approval to the IMCAS Scientific Committee

Upon arrival at the Conference Welcome Desk, what is the procedure to retrieve the PRESS badge?

  • Present yourself at the PRESS ACCREDITATION COUNTER
  • Present the Confirmation Letter previously received per email with your ID and Pres Card

1 - About IMCAS

IMCAS is one of the most important European Courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. By welcoming 2 500 to 3 500 delegates in each of our annual conferences coming from 40 different countries, it represents a true "medical population sampling". Its main objective: the promotion of highest possible standards in clinical practice, education and research in the plastic surgery - dermatology interface discipline or related disciplines (facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, research, etc…).

2 - Justifying accreditation

The IMCAS conferences not being per say "public events", IMCAS gives itself the right, to his sole discretion, to grant or decline the press accreditation to any journalist, regarding the pertinence of his / her request.
IMCAS can indeed decide to refuse an accreditation if the media outlet deals with a non-relevant topic or features an editorial line that does not match IMCAS principles.

The IMCAS conferences feature teaching material as well as economic intel and exclusive information on the plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology segment. It is a first-hand source of information and a solid teaching program, reserved to paying participants in the first place.
That's why when giving accreditation to an external journalist, IMCAS expects a publication in the concerned media outlet afterwards, as a basic agreement in principle to be respected.

3 - Press Credentials

Only working journalists representing a recognized news organization, whose attendance to the meeting will result in print, broadcast or electronic coverage of IMCAS and its individual participants, will be authorised to register as press.

To get a Press Badge "Mass Audience Journal", you are required to present:

  • your personal identification card (with a photography)
  • your professional press pass

To get a Press Badge "Audio / Video Reporting", you are required to present:

  • your personal identification card (with a photography)
  • your professional press pass

To get a Press badge "Medical Journal", you are required to present:

  • your personal identification card (with a photography)
  • your professional press pass
  • your medical diploma

All freelancers must present:

  • a letter of assignment

Please, ask for your Press accreditation through our website, and attach all the above requested documents.

IMCAS Press Office reserves itself the right to inspect the credentials of any press representative and to refuse to register any individual as press for the meeting. IMCAS Press office reserves itself the right to limit the number of press badges due to space requirements.

4 - Press Office

The Press Office is available to registered press, members of press briefing board, and certain participants invited for an interview.

Exhibitors may leave press materials in the Press Office, IMCAS will not bear any responsibility for these materials. No materials other than those approved by IMCAS may be distributed or circulated in the Press Office.

There is a special Press Area located at the Welcome desk, where you can find a Press Agent. You may turn to our Press Agent for any information you may need throughout the meeting. The media has to check in immediately upon arrival at the Press Area at the Welcome Desk, where a press badge will be delivered.

A media briefing schedule and updated program will be posted at the Press Area at the Welcome desk. At the end of media briefing, time will be available for questions and answers.

5 - Press Participation

A press badge is required for admittance to the meeting area, it must be visible at any time, and presented to the security agents on their request.

It is strictly forbidden for registered press to take pictures or to film during the meeting. This prohibition applies to all areas of the conference, to the exception of the exhibition space, subjected to the image reproduction rights.

IMCAS reserves the right to accompany the registered press during the meetings.

Acess authorizations for the Press Badge "Mass Audience Journal"'s holders are listed here.

Acess authorizations for the Press Badge "Medical Journal"'s holders are listed here.

IMCAS may restrict the attendance of any session for patient confidentiality or any other reason. In such cases, registered media will be notified in advance.

Any violation of above-mentioned rules will result in removal from the sessions. The following press activities will be also considered as violating the rules and will lead to the withdrawal of the press badge:

  • selling, marketing, or representing any company for advertising or subscription purposes
  • selling or marketing of any product offered during IMCAS meeting
  • developing any educational materials on the basis of scientific information provided during IMCAS meetings
  • giving misleading information about their professional activities or about the media organization they represent.

6 - Disclosure of Interests and Responsibility

IMCAS does not necessarily share or endorse the views and the techniques presented during its meetings.

IMCAS participants (lecturers) are requested to sign a disclosure statement at the moment of their registration. Handout materials are prepared and submitted for distribution by the presenters who are solely responsible for their content.

IMCAS holds the copyright to all educational materials presented during its meetings, such as recordings, handouts, posters, abstracts and presentation synopsis.

The information presented during the IMCAS meetings may not be published in broadcast or electronic media in its original format (except for the news releases).

It is forbidden to develop Continuing Medical Education programs on the grounds of scientific information provided during the meetings.


For any inquiries, please contact:

IMCAS Press Department
Contact: Olympe or Joanna
Phone: + 33 (0) 1 40 73 82 82
Fax: +33 (0) 1 40 70 92 40