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Dermatologist @ Russia

Romanes (Shirshakova) Maria

City: Moscow
Education: Graduate, PhD
Age: 31 years


Russian State Medical University
them. Pirogov

• Certified to work with Botulinum Toxin "Botox", "Dysport", "Lantoks", "Kseomin." Chemical peels are a person «Enerpeel», INNO-TDS.
• Possession of techniques with implants interdermalnymi Juvederm ULTRA, Surgiderm, Restylane, Bellcontour, Viscoderm, CRM, Belotero, Collost.
• Mesotherapy face and body with drugs companies' Vallex M »,« Filorga ».
• Hardware cosmetology: Extensive experience working with patients, diagnosis, counseling, and destination therapy.
• Nominated for the award "Golden lancet" in 2010