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IMCAS is one of the first international congresses dedicated to both Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

In January 2011, desirous to promote innovation, IMCAS launched a brand new event: the IMCAS INCUBATOR CORNER.

It consists in interactive meetings (Speed Dating) between inventors and industrial representatives to discuss an innovative idea or invention. It's a fantastic opportunity for the attendees to explain to the industry how their idea could open new horizons for the practice concerned, whether in the aesthetic surgery or in the cosmetic dermatology field.

These genius first edition gathered attendees and industrial representatives from different countries.

During its upcoming IMCAS Annual Meeting 2012, to be held in Paris, IMCAS will set a 2nd edition of its Incubator Corner.

Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiry.

How to protect an incubator idea?

In order for the content to be protected, IMCAS provides the participants with a CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT and both parties (the industrial representative and the attendee) are free to sign it prior to the speed dating meeting. The CDA is a genuine legal document, featuring the usual protection clauses such as:

  • Non publicity clause
  • Ownership clause
  • Return of confidential information
  • No other obligation
  • ...

Nota: to learn how to prepare that non-confidential discussion, a complete IMCAS Incubator Procedure will be provided to the participants.

More info about Business Incubators!

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What is an invention and what is an innovation?

An invention is a new scientific or technical idea that can be replicated, at an economical cost.
Innovation is the process by which an idea or invention is translated into a good or service. Therefore that idea has to satisfy a specific need.
Obviously, only very few inventions lead to innovations for not all of them are economically feasible. Basically, when a physician « invents » a technique, a device or a product, he/she has two solutions:

  • develop this idea by setting up his/her own business and commercialize it
  • search for an industry partnership, hence immediately benefiting from the provided network and knowledge within the field
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What are nowadays the institutional bodies available to assist physicians with the second solution?

As already said, the idea can be turned into an entrepreneurial invention (i.e. innovation) through your own network. But the process is often enough too difficult to achieve for a physician working on his own. That's why Institutional and Professional bodies (i.e incubator centers / sections / support institutes) are proposing an alternative solution to individual entrepreneurship.
Those centers & institutes provide a multitude of services such as:

  • Hosting various companies in Engineering, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, etc... within the field of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology
  • Consultation on legal, financial and management issues
  • Intellectual property services disposition and registration of intellectual property created by the participating companies in the Incubator and Entrepreneurship Centers as well as the industrial section of the Park.
  • And more...

Their main objectives is to provide for the idea, soon to be an innovation:

  • Administrative and technical support
  • Financial services through local banks
  • Research and Development support
  • Research programs arrangements with other companies
  • Consultation in the process of applying for patent registration
  • Protection of the intellectual property rights of innovators
  • Set up within international congress and workshop
  • Specifically dedicated web plateform
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How can IMCAS contribute to this process in a new way?

Founded in 2011, the IMCAS INCUBATOR CORNER helps with the second solution (the search for an industry partnership), facilitating the exchanges between industry and practitioners, but on a non-institutional professional level. Its mission is to support creative ideas presented by students, graduates, researchers and academic staff within the medical field. How? By providing through its conferences, organised worldwide, a unique platform allowing for immediate exchanges between the physician and the industry. Each of IMCAS Congresses is indeed a condensed and action-packed time, gathering on the same location venue more than 100 exhibiting companies and 2500 to 3500 delegates. It provides to both practitioners and industrials an ideal event and location to meet.

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Who are the potential industrials that could be interested in your Business Incubator Idea?

To get a more accurate view of the opportunity the IMCAS is offering, have a look at the companies that are exhibiting at IMCAS Annual Meeting 2012.

Come and participate!