IMCAS Annual Meeting 2014 / General Report

Thank you to all IMCAS Annual Meeting 2014 participants!

1. IMCAS 2014 Overview

In the crowded niche of aesthetic medical congresses, IMCAS has proven 16 years after its creation that a medical conference can stand out: 4 500 attendees later, IMCAS listed 80 different countries in 2014 along with 160 exhibitors and 300 international experts... all of them to gather and create together new scientific opportunities.

What is the secret? There is no secret, only quality content.

The Scientific Committee & its team of experts try to see beyond the perceived limitations of a typical medical congress and try to think bigger by providing attendees with practical learning they could instantly apply once back home.

Off to a flying start with the 4th IMCAS Cadaver Workshop, designed to give the practitioners an exclusive opportunity to expand their current repertoire of injection techniques regarding toxins, fillers & fat, the workshop covered everything a doctor need to know from face to body parts without forgetting the controversial areas.

This 16th edition was also the occasion for several of the 150 exhibitors to launch their novelties, IMCAS has become a true innovative hub allowing the entire industry to interact on the hottest topics of the year while meeting with colleagues and start the new season at top speed!

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2. IMCAS World Congress 2014 - Video

3. Facts, Keys Figures & Analysis of the Medical Aesthetic Market

What did the IMCAS Industry Tribune 2014 point out?

One of the goals of IMCAS is to provide a place where experts can meet up and exchange and the IMCAS industry tribune is the perfect example.

Six years after its creation, this leading economic forum is considered as a highly valuable portal regarding the economic facts and figures of the market.

The picture painted by experts is positive as the aesthetic medical market, though heterogeneous, is forecasted to continue growing until 2018 throughout the level of market segments and geographical zones, reporting a strong overall growth of + 7,3% for 2013.

The BtoB2 global market is estimated to 4,6 billion Euros in 2013, with an increase of 7,3% compared to 2012, exactly as expected last year.

The 2014 growth rate is estimated to +7,2% for a global market that should reach 4,9 billion Euros (6,7 billion US$), which reveals a strong dynamism for this sector in a difficult economic environment for several geographical areas (even if the global growth slowed to less than 10% for the first time).

IMCAS Tribune Press Release available here

4. A word from the Scientific Director

"The best is yet to come... The medical aesthetic market is full of exciting research areas offering for the industry and for my peers the possibility to improve and widen their practice always providing better care to patients.

On behalf of the IMCAS team & the Scientific Board we would like to deeply thank the 2014 attendees for their participation and the input they bring each time to this annual "rendez-vous".

It is always a pleasure to host a conference in IMCAS' hometown and nothing would have been possible without the IMCAS Scientific Committee making sure that the overall lecturers maintain scientific transparency by openly disclosing any conflict of interest and that all non-sponsored scientific lectures are free of any kind of bias that can influence the content of their presentation.

Always trying to improve ourselves, the congress has come up with innovative formats and sessions during this 16th edition, allowing participants to grasp the most of it.

Currently working on 2015, IMCAS 17th edition will use its passion to teach and come back a bit better than in 2014 to please our scientific minds!"

Doctor Benjamin Ascher, IMCAS Scientific Director

5. IMCAS Highlight

In 2014 IMCAS wanted to highlight...

  • The success of the live anatomy workshops, live video directly from the OR, allowing full interactivity
  • The survey initiative with MRG allowing to collect comprehensive fresh data regarding the aesthetic medical industry
  • The importance of the new practice management issues (marketing, professional business, new devices)
  • The quality of its scientific program - > a strong CME-acknowledged conference
  • The 2nd humanitarian edition -> IMCAS Humanitarian Awards (3 awardees -> Interplast Germany, World Vitiligo day & Haymed Association)
  • IMCAS live -> our homemade tweet platform