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IMCAS 2011 Main Topics

The IMCAS innovates once more this year, and its relationships with the press evolve. Indeed, our affiliated Press Agency P.B. Communication can already provide you with the congress main topics list.
Use this below list to express your choice of topics you would like to see discussed during the press conference on Friday January 7! Schedule your themes and interviews within your writing planning!


2011 — A year for innovation

"One of the IMCAS true calling is now on the innovation field. IMCAS is becoming an incontrovertible expression and exchanges plateform for all MD and scientists drove by this passion".

Benjamin Ascher, Plastic Surgeon – Founder and course director of IMCAS.

This year, the IMCAS makes itself a Laboratory for Innovation within both dermatology and plastic surgery fields. It's launching two major events supporting the innovation through different processes.

  • THE IMCAS INCUBATOR CORNER, coordinated by Serge MORDON from INSERM, allows attendees with innovative ideas and industrial representatives to meet in order to discuss the commercial developpement of the doctors' inventions.
  • LA NUIT DES IMCAS AWARDS, chaired by an independent scientific jury, will grant with an award the 8 most innovative clinical studies and research papers published this year.

Topics list

The brand new lips rejuvenation technique

Javier BEUT – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Spain
Erase wrinkles, re herm, increase volume, or rebuild lips, the dominant trend is going for natural and minimalistic interventions.
Javier Beut will introduce in preview at IMCAS 2011 a new technique : "No Touch Technique" less invasive (it doesn't touch the mucous membrane thus doesn't let scars on lips) more secure, less likely to bring infectious or oedematics complications...

3D imaging: a new dimension in plastic surgery which been for a long time exclusive to fundamental research and surgical techniques evaluation...

Sébastien GARSON – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, France
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgical techniques are in constant evolution and start to integrate volume restoration.
- By making its way into surgeons' practices, how will 3D revolutionize consultation and optimize natural aspect of the intervention results...

2011: a year of changes for breast implant...

Olivier GERBAULT – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - France
2010 was the year of the "PIP" scandal. Thousands of women throughout the world are carrying a time bomb: prosthesis with uncertified gel, increased risk of rupture and leak into ganglions, increase risk of developing capsular contractures.
- What can we do for those women? There's still no consensus...
- Surveillance or new operation for new prosthesis?
- Who has to pay? Question is still being debated
- However everybody agree to want to avoid a recurrence of such problems. 2011 will thus be the year of changes for breast implants...

A new filling (feeling) for peelings...

Marina LANDAU – Board Certified Dermatologist, Israel
As of today, women's expectations include appearance as results. They want to improve general aspect and quality of their skin. The trend is going to the combination of others rejuvenation methods: fillers, volumes...
Those last years, with a better knowledge of post peeling reactions, new protocols and products have been developed to fit every skin types and answer patients' new expectations...

Lasers and radiofrequency: new lights and perspectives

Moshe LAPIDOTH - Board Certified Dermatologist, Israel
- Lasers, lights and radiofrequency, what are new aesthetic combinations and indications that have been proved efficient and are about to enter the practices?
- The increasing importance of non invasive techniques for body rebuilding and the development of new and more efficient technologies: short-term, mid-term and long-term perspectives...

Non-invasive techniques: tests and facts...

Bernard MOLE – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – France
Stretch mark erasing, scars softening, cellulitis improving … the first observations and conclusions on non invasive techniques: carboxytherapy and radiofrequency...

Aging skin as the mirror of cellular aging...

Virginie PONS – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, France
- As of today, can we slow down the aging skin process from inside?
- The role of last biology advances
- Nutritional and hormonal therapies....

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