General information

1. Key moments

2. Getting to Know Us

Les engagements de l'IMCAS

L'IMCAS recherche la meilleure qualité d'enseignement possible dans les domaines charnières liés à la chirurgie plastique et à la dermatologie.
Pour y parvenir, IMCAS possède une organisation dynamique ayant pour objectif :

  • L'unification et la représentation équilibrée de la chirurgie plastique et la dermatologie.
  • L'excellence dans l'enseignement de tous les sujets majeurs sur le traitement du vieillissement cutané
  • L'adhésion permanente à l'Ethique.

Notre professionalisme est notre réputation

'IMCAS est né en 1995, à Paris, en France, comme étant un congrès entièrement dédié à la chirurgie esthétique et la dermatologie esthétique. La nécessité de créer une véritable interface entre dermatologues et chirurgiens plasticiens s'imposait en effet. Notre objectif principal: la promotion des plus hauts standards possibles dans la pratique clinique, la formation et la recherche aussi bien pour la chirurgie plastique et la dermatologie que pour les disciplines associées.

IMCAS aujourd'hui

IMCAS est devenu l'un des plus grands congrès internationaux dédié à l'interface en dermatologie esthétique et chirurgie esthétique. En accueillant tous les ans, durant sa session annuelle, près de 4 000 participants venant de 85 pays différents, et plus de 145 exposants, il représente un "échantillon significatif de la population médicale" concernée par ce domaine.

3. IMCAS Population

To get a clear view of who is attending IMCAS conferences, do not hesitate to browse this link

4. About the venue

About Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s largest city and is situated on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta. The city’s development in the past few decades have made it one of the most important economic, commercial, financial and communications center of China. Shanghai beguiled foreigners with its seductive mix of tradition and sophistication.

Shanghai is much more Hong Kong than Běijīng; there are no dusty imperial palaces here. Instead, European-style cityscapes and tempting, tree-lined neighbourhoods rub shoulders with the sci-fi skyline of Pǔdōng. Shanghai was where China first met the West and it’s still a frontier town, obsessed with the latest fads, fashions and technology.

About Shangri-La Pudong Convention Center

The award-winning 5-star Pudong Shangri-La Hotel is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone of Shanghai. It enjoys easy access to both Hongqiao and Pudong international airports and is also close to the subway connecting Pudong (East Shanghai) to Puxi (West Shanghai). Prominently situated along the famous Huangpu River, the hotel has breathtaking views of Shanghai’s legendary riverfront - the Bund and the Orient Pearl TV Tower. Its 606 rooms are the most spacious in the city and are complemented by an extensive range of restaurants, lounges, and bars.

With over 6,500 square metres of versatile indoor and outdoor event spaces, Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai boasts the largest hotel banquet meeting venue in Shanghai with the city’s two biggest ballrooms, China Hall and Grand Ballroom.

With many years of experience in organizing international conferences, Shangri-La Pudong offers an extensive, flexible and inspiring range of venues and packages.

5. Getting there

AIRPORT CONNECTIONS: Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai is 35 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 45 minutes from Pudong International Airport.

TAXI / CITY SHUTLLE BUSES / TRAIN: Taxi and city shuttle buses can be found on the ground floor of the domestic and international arrival halls.

  • Taxis are metered, and fare between Pudong International Airport and the hotel generally costs around RMB 170 (USD 27) per journey in daytime, and RMB 220 (USD 35) from 11pm to 5am. While fares from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport are generally RMB 70 (USD 11) per journey in daytime, and RMB 93 (USD 15) from 11pm to 5am.
  • The Maglev High Speed Train from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station takes eight minutes, The train operates from 6.45am to 9.40pm daily. One way economy fare costs RMB 50 (USD 8), while VIP section costs RMB 100 (USD 16).
Address: Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, 33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200120 - China

6. Congress circulation map

7. Conference admission – delegate badges

Admission is by badge only. An adult must accompany chlidren under the age of 16.

IMCAS strictly complies with the criteria required for CME accreditation. That is why the access to the conferences is subject to a number of strict rules, aiming to guarantee the scientific independence of the conferences, and to preserve it from any commercial interest or influence. A precise Badge Policy has been implemented, specifying the rules related to the admittance to the different areas of IMCAS conferences.

IMCAS Badge Policy is mandatory for all the participants. Its violation will authorize IMCAS Staff to take measures in order to restore the order, and may lead to the withdrawal of the badge and the prohibition of access to the conference area.

According to each participant’s status (delegate, faculty, exhibitor, etc...), a corresponding code bared badge is issued.

Fees for full Delegate registration include:

  • all conference sessions during the 2 days
  • access to exhibit area including lunches and coffee breaks
  • CD with abstracts and course handouts, as well as the Abstract Booklet.

Tarifs en EUR  
Inscription au congrès 220,00 €
Cours d'Enseignement pré-congrès
(avec inscription au congrès)
90,00 €
Cours d'Enseignement pré-congrès
(sans inscription au congrès)
120,00 €
Dîner de gala 90,00 €
Inscription infirmiers(es)* 220,00 €
Inscription personnes accompagnatrices* 220,00 €
Online registration is available through this link

8. Official conference language

Chinese and English are the official congress languages.

9. Simultaneous translation

ENGLISH / CHINESE and CHINESE / ENGLISH simultaneous translations in 4 conference rooms.
Head phones are available at the Audio Center in exchange of a guarantee: passport, credit card or 350 USD (RMB 2 200) in cash. These item(s) will be returned to you as soon as you hand back the head phones.

10. Lunch & coffee breaks

Coffee breaks:

  • 10.30 to 11am on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29
  • 4 to 4.30pm on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29

Lunch breaks:

  • 1 to 2pm on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29

Coffee breaks and lunches are served on site to allow our delegates to fully visit the Exhibition Hall. Complimentary food and beverages are provided to Delegate and Faculty badges types only.

11. Abstract booklet & CD-ROM

Chaque participant recevra un programme et une clé USB IMCAS China 2012 gratuite contenant la totalité des abstracts accepté par le Comité Scientifique.

Les compagnies et les participants peuvent copier ces contenus pour leur usage personne; mais la vente ou tout autre action commerciale de ces contenus est interdite sans l'accord préalable de l'IMCAS.

12. Optional courses

IMCAS Congresses offer their attendees to register for optional courses, providing an opportunity for in-depth exposure to specific techniques and topics, as well as more personalized contact with recognized leaders in aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.
Those special courses require additionnal fees and can be booked independantly from the main conference.

Refer to daily programming descriptions within the programme brochure or get all info about IMCAS China special courses here.

Giving the limited number of seats, please, register early before your course selections sell out! You may also register for Optional Courses on-site, if places are still available.

13. Scientific posters, e-papers and multimedia center

The POSTER session is held on Sunday, July 29 at lunchtime (from 1 to 2pm), meeting point being the Welcome Desk. Visit the IMCAS Internet Kiosk to check email and view the scientific lectures in electronic format (E-Papers).

E-Papers provide an opportunity for in-depth information exchange. You will be able to exchange ideas about clinical cases presented by sending personalized emails to the authors.

14. Accommodation

IMCAS has the pleasure of offering to its attendees special negotiated prices at various wonderful hotels in Shanghai. Our official Travel Agency Partner will be most pleased to help you organize your accommodation during your stay in Shanghai.

Please contact them directly:

IMCAS Official Land Handler

Pacific World Shanghai
Contact: Ms. Violet WANG
Adresse: Room 506, No 1277, Bei Jing XI Road, Shanghai 200040, P.R. CHINA
Téléphone: +86 21 6289 5559
Fax: +86 21 6289 3972

15. Transportation and tours

Check out the Tours and Travels page to see what Shanghai has to offer! Old-town, Buddha Temple, amazing experiences and places are waiting for you in China.

16. Visa & entry requirements

Visas are easily obtainable from Chinese embassies and consulates.

For more information, please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate closest to your residence place.

17. Time difference

CHINA time is GMT plus 6 hours during summer.

18. Electric standards

Local voltage: 220 volts, 50HZ, AC.

19. Currency & exchange

Local currency: Renminbi (RMB). The units for the Renminbi are the Yuan (CNY), Jiao and Fen.
1 Yuan = 10 Jiao = 100 Fen
Current exchange rate (as of February 2012) -> 1 EURO = 8,35 CNY / 1 USD = 6,30 CNY
Hospitals, post offices, banks and tourist sights are always open daily from 8.30 / 9am to 4 / 6pm

20. Climate

Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinct seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and an overcast cold winter.

The hottest time in Shanghai comes in July and August, with more than 10 days at the temperature above 35 C (95 F).