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Pre-conference teaching course

Thursday July 27 from 2 to 6pm - Transmission from the Shanghai East Hospital Tongji University

(Optional course with additional fees: please refer to the registration form)

Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center, Oriental Riverside Hotel Shanghai
No. 2727 Riverside Avenue Pudong, Shanghai
Present yourself at 1.00pm - 5th Floor - Room 5H
(transmission from the Shanghai East Hospital)

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CHAIRS: Benjamin ASCHER & Jianxing SONG


You're a beginner and eager to learn about new techniques so, how about extending your skills’ range and booking our exciting pre-conference package of four classes?

Prior to the actual first day of IMCAS China, Professor Jianxing SONG, Chief Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery from East Hospital, Tongji University in Shanghai, and Dr Benjamin ASCHER, Paris University, both plastic surgeons, will indeed chair a special feature teaching course.

This initiative includes 4 successive classes of one hour each, and will cover some of the major topics of non-invasive treatments in a different format only allowed thanks to the hospital venue.

Hosted within a hospital, those special classes will provide real-life case studies and live demonstrations directly performed by renowned speakers in front of the audience.

Those pre-conference classes take the common scientific lectures to another level, by giving them the pro-activity of a tutorial. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend these preconference classes allowing you to learn differently through an original approach. This could be the perfect way to set yourself on good tracks prior to the congress itself and be one step ahead.

Educational Method

Designed to address the needs of the plastic surgeons and dermatologists wishing to expand their current repertoire of techniques on four different topics:

  • 2PM - Part 1: FILLERS - EXPERTS: Marina LANDAU & Jianxing SONG
  • 3PM - Part 2: VOLUMETRY - EXPERTS: Benjamin ASCHER & David Xiongzheng MU
  • 4PM - Part 3: TOXINS - EXPERTS: Daniel CASSUTO & Yan WU

Delegates can address any questions to the highly qualified experts at any time. Only a limited number of seats are available so please register at the earliest.