Visites et voyages

Bienvenue à Shanghai! Profitez de IMCAS China 2012 pour découvrir cette merveilleuse ville et ses environs!

Attendez-vous à vivre une expérience véritablement enrichissante!

Expérience 1

Immersion in Shanghai: Jade Buddha temple - Taikang road
From 22,5 USD, minimum of 20 person per day - 3,5 hours
The beautiful Jade Buddha Temple is a traditional Buddhist temple in the northwest of city downtown. Here, you can see the daily life of the thousands of monks in attendance. After the Jade Temple you will visit Taikang Road, one of the most picturesque streets in the Former French Concession Area. Enjoy a relaxing time strolling, eating, shopping or sipping tea in this cozy neighborhood.

Expérience 2

History behind the City: Old town - Yu Garden - The Bund
From 22.5 USD, minimum of 20 person per day – 3.5 hours
This area is a beautiful combination of tea houses, silk shops, dumpling houses and bridges, all in the classical Chinese architecture style.
The Bund shows another aspect of Shanghai: the impressing facade of old European colonial buildings are in strong contrast with the modern skyscraper forest on the other side of Huangpu River.

Expérience 3

Oriental Little Venice: Zhujiajiao Water Village
From 40 USD, minimum of 20 person per day – 4 hours
In this amazing water village, you will walk through differently shaped bridges, take a traditional Chinese fishing boat sailing on the canal connecting the village and have some free time shopping on the North Street, 1 kilometer long kept in traditional chinese style – the fair market since 500 years ago. It is the better way to discover the traditional chinese way of life!

Expérience 4

Shanghai Relaxation Experience: Frenc concession - Foot reflexology
From 45 USD, minimum of 20 person per day – 3 hours
The former French Concession area is described by some as the most charming area of Shanghai. This distinctive area used to be the entertainment area of Shanghai when it was considered the "Paris of the East". Today, it still features the brilliant European buildings of before and offers a wide range of restaurants, bars and clubs in a picturesque setting. After strolling around in the French Concession, a relaxing foot massage will surely be appreciated. The traditional Chinese foot reflexology can enhance certain body functions by wrapping the foot in with Chinese herbs and by pressing and squeezing the reflection points in your feet.

Expérience 5

Culina at the Kitchen
From 104 USD, minimum of 20 person per day (maximum 40 person per day)– 4 hours
Located in a 19th century garden house, The Kitchen at will allow you to discover the traditionnal chinese during a lesson concluded by a testing of your creation!
Between sharing some ideas and great moments around the huge marble table, you will receive cooking knowledges based on fresh seasonal ingredients, authentic and soul warming food, inspired by the foun- der and executive chef Norris.

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