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Registration options

Registration is available until:

Conference admission

Admission is by badge only. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16. To get access to the conference rooms, one can register for a full access badge (Physician, Physician resident or Corporate professional) or for a partial access (Professional bodies or Accompanying person) supporting documents are required.

Exhibitors can register for the conference through the company's IMCAS exhibitor account. Please contact the Sales Department for any further information concerning exhibition: sales@imcas.com or industry@imcas.com

Methods of payment

Registration cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing.
Cancellation requests received BEFORE 16th декабрь 2016: 70% of the registration fees will be refunded.
Cancellation requests received AFTER 16th декабрь 2016: there will be no refund.

Force majeure

The event may be moved to a different date, cancelled altogether or the time frame changed as a result of incidents beyond anyone's control, extenuating circumstances out of the control of IMCAS (such as but not limited to general strike, invasions, hostilities, war, rioting or similar situations which prevent performance of the contract) or acts-of-God (such as but not limited to epidemics, floods, volcanic eruption, earthquakes or other convulsions of nature and other acts). The registration remains binding in the event of a time change or extensions or because of a cancellation caused by, or resulting from, directly or indirectly a Force Majeure (as such term is defined in the preceding sentence). The registrant has no right to regress if the event has been moved to a different date, a different time frame or cancelled entirely as set forth herein.

Thank you and welcome at IMCAS Всемирный конгресс 2017!

Welcome to IMCAS Всемирный конгресс 2017

24 March - 26 March , Cancún
Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

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