DEEP WRINKLES - PHOTOAGING With time, aging signs become more pronounced (fine lines, deep wrinkles, irregular relief, thinning skin), and are accelerated by environmental factors, like sun. Formulated with pure Retinol, a molecule known to strengthen dermal components and cell renewal, as well as high-quality oils, Intensive Retinol oil serum is the ideal treatment to address deep wrinkles, uneven skin surface, recent scars, and photoaging, for younger lookin skin. The epidermis is smoothed, radiance is restored, the complexion is more transparent. The tone of the dermis is improved, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. The skin is soft and silky. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Pure Retinol (0.3%): STIMULATES EPIDERMAL DIFFERENCIATION, BOOSTS COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS Retinol complexe with soybean oil. Botanical Oils: - Tiger nut oil: Protects from dehydration and from free radicals damages. - Limnanthes seed oil: Nourishes and protects the skin - Apricot kernel oil: Reinforces skin barrier function - Coco oil: Improves skin permeability to preserve hydration. Replenishes the skin. TEST RESULTS 90% MORE EVEN COMPLEXION* 81% LESS VISIBLE FINES LINES AND WRINKLES** 81% SMOOTHED SKIN IRREGULARITIES** * Usage test under medical supervision, 10 volunteers, 28 days, France. **,Usage test under dermatological supervision, 30 volunteers, 28 days, France. For complete routine, click on "LEARN MORE" to discover the Intensive Retinol cream . Intensive is a complete collection of emergency beauty care products, formulated with the right dose of the most powerful molecules, for optimal efficacy and tolerance. Discover the entire range: HYALURONIC, RETINOL, AHA PEEL, PROPOLIS+ ,VITAMIN C, SPIRULINE, VITAMIN E².