HYDRA-BOOSTER - ANTIOXIDANT - ENERGIZING Institut Esthederm developed a patented water, inspired by the water in the skin and formulated with specific bioelectronics parameters, that mimic the physiological liquids of human organisms. This highly-defined 100% active water, enriched with hyaluronic acid, trace elements and essential minerals, recreates an ideal environment for cells survival, and protects cells from aggressions thanks to its broad spectum antioxidant power. As powerful as a serum, Cellular water mist can be use before any other skincare, to boost their hydration power, strengthen antioxidant systems, energize, soothe and preserve skin’s microbiome quality and biodiversity. It can be used before and after non-invasive cosmetic procedures. • HYDRA-BOOSTER Boosts hydration capacity of skincare products applied after. Enriched in hyaluronic acid. • ANTIOXIDANT Provides antioxidant broad spectrum protection. • ENERGIZING Provides cells with energy. Relaunches ATP synthesis systems. • SOOTHING Reduces redness. • SKIN MICROBIOME EXPERTISE Preserves skin’s microbiome quality and biodiversity, to maintain skin’s defense capacity. CELLULAR WATER PATENT: CLOSE TO SKIN pH/ ISOTONIC/ ANTIOXIDANT A highly defined water with bioelectronic characteristics in perfect affinity with cutaneous cellular life: REDOX POTENTIAL/ Electron contentration Resistance to oxidation and cellular aging RESISTIVITY/ Salt concentration Respect of the osmotic equilibrium and intercellular exchanges pH/ Proton concentration pH close to that of physiological fluids for a perfect affinity with the skin. & HYALURONIC ACID/ Low molecular weight Durably hydrates, firms the skin. TEST RESULTS 88% SMOOTH SKIN* 81% RE-ENERGIZED SKIN* 77% IMMEDIATELY HYDRATED SKIN* * Usage test during 28 days on 53 women aged from 30 to 65. For complete routine, click on "LEARN MORE" to discover the Watery essence lotion, the Fresh-moisturizing gel and the Melting moisturizing cream.