IMCAS World Congress 2019


Room: E-Learning Station
Format: E-PUBLICATIONS > displayed during the whole conference period, at the E-learning station
- organisation > digital presentations, either in PDF as e-poster / scientific article or in video as video demonstration - delegates are able to directly ask questions to the author(s) through mail at any time
- not chaired

Lectures of the session

Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
Dr Madhuri AGARWAL Autologous growth factor concentrate (AGFC) for hair loss View 81401
Dr Madhuri AGARWAL Upper face rejuvenation with dermal fillers in Indian patients View 82023
Dr Madhuri AGARWAL Comprehensive management of periorbital hyperpigmentation View 82069
Dr Muhammad AHMAD Can we predict hair loss? Introduction to the NPRT system View 77181
Dr Muhammad AHMAD Breast augmentation beyond photographs: breast-Q evaluation View 78623
Dr Muhammad AHMAD Thread facelift: photos vs satisfaction View 78647
Dr Muhammad AHMAD Nano-lipoaspirate stem cells and hair restoration View 79563
Dr Munir ALAM Chemical peel and its implications View 75663
Dr Antonino ARACO Association of a single session of platelet rich plasma and micro-focused ultrasound for dermal autologous collagen regeneration. A prospective study on periocular wrinkles. View 79635
Dr Antonino ARACO Prospective non-randomized observational study of female subjects treated with a FDA-cleared tissue stabilized-guided subcision (TS-GS) system for cel View 81603
Mahran ASHOUR ELSAIED MOHAMED The best way to predict the future of aesthetic surgery & cosmetic dermatology healthcare, is to create it View 81565
Dr Ahmet ATALIK Secure thread procedures for avoid patient and doctor troubles View 82073
Dr Shino BAY AGUILERA Bruxism an epidemic - Causing premature aging of the lower face and a multitude of medical ailments View 82819
Dr Shino BAY AGUILERA Young male and aesthetics View 82975
Dr Abraham Alberto BENZAQUEN BARCHILON Beauty concept: cultural, religious and gender considerations View 78767
Dr Abraham Alberto BENZAQUEN BARCHILON All about carboxitherapy View 78955
Dr Carl Kuo Liang CHENG Treatment of acne scar with ultrapulse fractional CO 2 laser: approach based on ablative depth View 81217
Dr Robert CHMIELEWSKI Save your face and age nicely! An individualized approach to natural face reshaping - Supporting volumetry View 81033
Dr Robert CHMIELEWSKI Antigravity facelift - Nonsurgical SMAS lifting with supporting volumetry View 82113
Dr Robert CHMIELEWSKI Bio nutri lips concept - Comprehensive approach to natural reconstruction of the perioral area, the chin and the jowl View 82119
Helena COLLIER Infection control in aesthetic medicine and the consequences of inaction View 82689
Vasilisa Sergeevna DANILENKO Heavy face, restrictions and possibilities of treatment View 81993
Dr Dianne DAVIS Short pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser treatment for previously treated capillary malformations in adults View 83041
Dr Hector Cesar DURAN VEGA Avoiding fat embolism in liposuction View 79629
Dr Mohamad GOLDUST Combination therapy with Kligman's formula plus Q-switch laser for treatment of acanthosis nigricans: a cross sectional study View 78763
Dr Foued HAMZA Autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation and augmentation mastopexy View 75955
Dr Wen Hsien Ethan HUANG The individualized needle-hub threading: developing a systemic approach to high-risk facial rejuvenation View 75217
Dr Isken KACHKINBAEV Classification of the Asian eyelids View 82827
Dr Umar Daraz KHAN Layered mastopexy with augmentation as a single stage procedure View 72861
Dr Umar Daraz KHAN Impact of outpatient based abdominoplasty and early mobilisation on seroma formation View 72893
Dr Stuti KHARE Facial contouring with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, some new points to achieve remarkable face lift in Indians: an innovative technique View 81505
Dr Stuti KHARE To study the efficacy of oral ranitidine in molluscum conatgiosum in pediatric age group patients View 81511
Dr David Dong Soo KIM Multiple basal cell carcinoma on a patient with goltz syndrome View 71705
Dr Michael KRYCHMAN Proper assessment for female vaginal rejuvenation: the need to evaluate the relationship discord and body dysmorphic syndrome View 78029
Dr Lamya Hussein LABBIB Eye rejuvenation View 77823
Dr Lamya Hussein LABBIB Tips and tricks in hand rejuvenation View 77831
Dr Lamya Hussein LABBIB Missed steps during face rejuvenation View 77839
Dr Hamidreza MAHMOUDI Treatment of port wine stains with 595-nm pulsed dye laser in 27 pediatric patients: a prospective study in the Iranian population View 82991
Dr David H MCDANIEL In vitro melanin quantification and in vivo evaluation of a new non-hydroquinone, multi-action skin brightening cream View 80789
Dr David H MCDANIEL Protective effects of a comprehensive topical antioxidant against ozone-induced damage in a 3D human skin model View 80791
Dr Ik Jun MOON Transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) inhibition is related to suppression of inflammation-associated hypermelanosis View 80569
Dr Adil NOAIMI New hope for treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis by oral zinc sulfate and oral ketocanazole (singly and in combination) View 79247
Dr Amarendra PANDEY Melasma treatment using Q Switched Nd Yag and PRP in skin of colour View 81475
Dr Amarendra PANDEY Fire and ice, punch and blast: combination regime for fat reduction in the Indian context View 81479
Dr Amarendra PANDEY Onychomycosis treatment using a Q switched Nd:Yag laser in itraconazole resistant cases View 81481
Rain RAMAS Marketing trends and digital communications in the Philippines - How they apply to the industry of aesthetic dermatology and dermatologic surgery View 79639
Rain RAMAS Logo design: putting a face to your brand View 79643
Dr Tatiana REITBLAT Biologic drugs treatment effect on psychologic morbidity on patients with psoriasis in remission in comparison to conventional therapy View 78587
Dr Elena ROSSI Plasma exeresis: a multitasking technique to treat several skin conditions View 80453
Dr Khalifa SHARQUIE Nose volumeplasty View 79055
Dr Khalifa SHARQUIE Facial melanosis has great cosmetic impact on patients with dark skin: clinical and histopathological study with new concept View 79281
Dr Tzachi SHELKOVITZ A cross linked hyaluronic acid gel with calcium hydroxyapatite – a new dermal filler – my experience View 61973
Dr Elena SILANTYEVA Creating a symbiosis of beauty and health by using new technologies for the treatment of pelvic muscle wasting View 83005
Dr Sukhbir SINGH Management of delayed skin necrosis following hyaluronic acid filler injection using pulsed hyaluronidase View 82759
Dr Regina SOSOACA Holistic approach in injectable rejuvenation of nasolabial folds - Assessment and different approaches to deliver optimum total face result and patient satisfaction View 78051
Dr Amalia TSIATOURA Combination of fractional laser co2 and PRP as a method for skin rejuvenation View 82225
Dr Olga ZHUKOVA Absorbable threads for a new holistic concept of thread lifting View 78057
Dr Frank ZIPPRICH More than skin tightening: fractional RF treatment as a skin multi-tool View 82479
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