Hugues Cartier is in charge of IMCAS global course coordinator with sebastien Garson (surgical part) for all IMCAS congresses. 

He is also associate editor for Dermatology Therapy.
Dermatologist, phlebologist and derm laserist at the Clinic Saint-Jean, Arras, France. He is also the chief of wound care in the dermatology department of Arras Hospital.

Dr. Cartier is the vicepresident of the Société Française de Medecine Esthétique and past-president of the Groupe Laser de la Société Française de Dermatologie. He is also course coordinator of the Société Belge de Médecine Esthétique.Co-author edition: Les lasers en dermatologie 2017 ; Couperose & erythrose; rejuvenation, LED en dermatologie( Noe C.) , chapt IPL / cosmetic medicine & surgery ;dermatologie esthétique 2020

Expert phase II, III/ clinical studies fillers, toxin, laser and  wound healing.