Igor Rudenko is international speaker within Aesthetic and Dermatology fields. Co-founder and owner of Aesthetic Consilium Groups which includes Aesthetic Clinic network, Educational schoold for post-graduated physicians, Grand Expert Meeting conference, Kolkhida (Tbilissi) congress and Aesthetic Consilium congress (Prague). He is coordinator of IMCAS Academy Alert system and organizator of the followinf sessions within IMCAS conferences.  He is committing to research, aiming to improve quality of life of patients through the use of technological advances. His key task is commitment to the field of research and development with the aim of improving standards of medical practice.He is leading provider of teaching and training courses regarding such techniques as Toxins injections, Fillers, Mezotherapy, PRP, Thread lift. Igor Rudenko has managed a number of clinical trials within oncology, cardiology, dermatology and respiratory areas. He took part into protocol development and finalization, safety managing, regulatory affair.Igor Rudenko is an active member of aesthetic dermatological professional community through memberships and leadership roles. - More than 50 publications