Dr. Yasser Elbadawy was graduated from Cairo university on 1990. After his graduation he had his initial training at Ahmed Maher teaching hospital (one of the biggest teaching hospitals in Egypt with more than 1000 bed). During this time he obtained his master degree in surgery after his research in cleft palate repair. Later on, he earned the degree of Fellowship of the royal college of surgeon of Ireland and European Board of plastic, Aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. In addition, Dr. Yasser earned his medical doctorate degree in surgery after his thesis in self-inflating tissue expanders in the field of reconstructive surgery. Along with obtaining most of the valuable degrees in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he is also a member of several organizations of plastic surgery like, ASAPS, ISAPS, European society of rhinoplasty surgery, Mediterranean burn club and many more.
After close contact with the pioneers of plastic surgery and attending several excessive courses in the field of rhinoplasty, he gained the advanced fellowship in secondary rhinoplasty from Bergamo state hospital, Italy.
Dr. Yasser Elbadawy, is an expert in primary, secondary, and tertiary rhinoplasty, and has contributed in different types of teaching and research done in all the hospitals he has worked in.