Prof Khalifa E Sharquie MD,PhD                                                             

Khalifa E Sharquie MD,PhD

Bio:Dr Sharquie KE Is Professor and a member of Scientific Council of Iraqi and Arabic Board of Dermatology and Venereology. Senior consultant and professor of dermatology, Department of Dermatology, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad Teaching Hospital. He graduated from college of Medicine,University of Baghdad in 1974.He trained in dermatology and internal medicine in Baghdad, England and Scotland.He had his PhD degree Dermatology in 1981 from University of Sheffield,England.He was the Head of Dermatology Dept, university of Baghdad since 1989-2005 and chairman of Iraqi board of dermatology from d chairman of Iraqi board of dermatology from 1994-2013 .He is the founder of Diploma, Iraqi Board in Dermatology &Venereology and The Iraqi Arabic board in Dermatology.He had 10 Patents in different skin problems and invented many new skin entities and numerous skin therapeutics.He introduced skin surgery,dermatopathology and cosmetology into skin training and speciality.He published more than 315 publications and articles.He shared in publishing chapters in 7 dermatological books.He supervised the following theses:85 Diploma,13 Msc,120 Iraqi and Arabic Boards &7 PhDS.He had 7 Poetry books.Also he is a reviewer and a member of editorial board of many medical journals. He received Diploma Honorary Membership of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society,USA Feb 12 2014.Also he is Annual professor at  University of Guglielmo Marconi, Roma Italy.He is faculty member of Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. His main interests are skin therapeutics,dermatopathology,skin electron microscopy, leishmaniasis, pigmentary disorders,Behcets ds and oral medicine, skin tumors, hair problems, skin and laser surgery,cosmetology and other clinical researhes.