Dr Serge DAHAN


IMCAS Scientific Secretary

Dr. Serge DAHAN is a board-certified dermatologist ,with a practice of lasers and EBD, aesthetic,  medical and surgical dermatology .

Dr. DAHAN is the President of the Aesthetic Group of the French Society of Dermatology , Past-president of the Laser Group   of the French Society of Dermatology.

 Dr. DAHAN has published scientific articles, textbook chapters, and has co- edited textbooks: Dermatologie esthetique ( Elsevier Masson),Les lasers en dermatologie (John Libbey, Doin)  ; Couperose & erythrose; rejuvenation, LED en dermatologie     ( Noe C.), and serves on dermatology journal boards.

Dr. DAHAN plays a role in the development of new pharmaceutical products, lasers and EBD  , medical devices  through his clinical research.  He presents the results regularly at national and international dermatology and cosmetic meetings.