Dr Dorina DONICI

I am anti-aging practitioner, gynecologist, oncologist and plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience.

In 2013, I became the Scientific Director of A SWISS GROUP AG - an international corporation developing bio-regenerative technologies in anti-age medicine from inside and aesthetic medicine (for face and body).

With the support of swiss laboratories, I launched in 2010 the first concept of skin rejuvenation using absorbable threads -  LUXEFACE & LUXEBODY.  The method has un unexpected success in leader clinics from Europe & Middle East & Asia and no analogues on the market. Together with A SWISS GROUP we strive to give the most safe, efficient, non surgical and painless treatment methods that can be performed in a short time but with a maximal effect. 

We also invest in the development of anti-aging medicine and bio-technologies. In 2010 I launched the International School Anti-Age Expert, where doctors of different specialites study anti-aging medicine from basics till expert level. Today our community counts more than 5'000 practitioners.

Together with A SWISS GROUP we continue to develop new projects, new products in order to make your and your patient's life better.