Ingrid Salas, MD, Dermatologist,

Dr. Salas is running her private practice since 2003 in  Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. 

She is a board certified in Dermatology in 2003 in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, at the renowed Prof. Ruben D. Azulay Institute.  

Ingrid Salas is one of the well known Colombian Dermatologists and regional opinion leader  

Dr. Salas dedicates her daily work to general dermatology, as well as to aesthetic dermatology. 

She works on a daily basis in her clinic Dermatosphera Skinclinic in Cartagena, Colombia, dedicated to the whole spectrum of aesthetic dermatology. 

Her especial interest in aesthetic field as well as her practical and scientific knowledge leads her to national and international activities for  aesthetics interventions such as fillers, full face Rejuvenation, threads, toxin.


Dr. Salas is a member of ASOCOLDERMA, CILAD and she has an special participation as Speaker in IMCAS America’s, 5ContinentCongress.