Dr Apratim GOEL

Dr Apratim Goel, MD, DNB, FAGE- dermatology. Special interest in lasers, cosmetic dermatology and medispa. Dr.  Apratim Goel in the CEO and Medical Director of a chain of laser and cosmetic clinics called Cutis Skin Solution LLP ( www.cutis.in) Mumbai, India. Proud owner of 30 lasers and light based devices.

Passionate academic and board certified dermatologist, she trains doctors worldwide on aesthetic practice setup and various aesthetic procedures. Dr.Goel is on advisory panel and board of experts of many cosmetic and laser conferences and journals worldwide. She lives upto her tagline "Skin expert with a difference". She has a team of dermatologists and skin practitioners working at Cutis.

An author and voracious reader, she continually upgrades her knowledge to offer the best personal care advice to her customers. Critically acclaimed for her articles that can be routinely be seen in numerous national and international magazines and newspapers. Passionate about academics and teaching, she is also the President elect of AFAASI ) association of aestheticians and aesthetic surgeons of India)She is a known face for media as well.  Part of makeover shows and several TV and youtube channels