Dr Huseyin KANDULU

Dr.Hüseyin KANDULU was born in Nicosia in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in1979. After completing his primary and college education in Cyprus he moved to Turkey to study medicine.KANDULU graduated as a medical doctor in 2003 and began his residency training in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in which he had a strong interest during his medical education. In addition to many reconstructive operations, he was strongly involved in nose, breast and body aesthetics during his residency training and carried out many surgeries. He delivered his thesis, entitled “The Effect of Chitosan on Microvascular Anastomosis Applications with Minimal Suturing Technique”,in the field of microsurgery in 2010 thus completing his residency in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and has specialized in this branch.

Because of his interest in aesthetic interventions he received upper education in the field of aesthetic surgery by attending the fellowship program of Prof.Dr.Onur EROL at ONEP Institute after his residency and attended many operations.

Due to compulsory service, Dr.KANDULU was appointed at Bilecik State Hospital, took on the responsibility of the division of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery during his service and gave the region innovations and point of view in the field of health care and aesthetics by carrying out over 1000 successful operations in a short period.

Dr. KANDULU is currently working as the head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital.