Especialist in gynecology -obstetrics in University Hospital of the Southeast. Madrid.

Ceo, founder and director at Advanced and Aesthetic Management Center Madrid-CIMEG Madrid.

Urogynecology. Expert in pelvic floor disorders and pain.

Experts in Aesthetic-Gynecology & and Regenerative Medecine.

Master in senology and mammary pathology.

President of ISGARSociety(international society aesthetic gynecology and research).

IUGA Leadership. Vice Chair of SIG Meeting IUGA Cosmeto-urogynecology (international urogynecology association)

National award 2019 in Urogynecology and Woman Health.

Associate professor at the Francisco Vitoria University, Madrid.

Creator of medical protocols (urogynecology-aesthetics) worldwide.

Creator of PRACAU Protocol ®™ for pudendal entrapment syndrome.

Advanced ultrasound teacher.