Dr. Said Hilton, a board-certified dermatologist, runs one of the biggest private dermatological clinics in Germany with more than 80 employees, 15 dermatologists and 25 beauticians. Beyond offering comprehensive dermatological services, his clinic is home to a cosmetic institute and the Academy for Cosmetic Medicine – a facility which receives physicians seeking training in aesthetic medicine from all over the world. The Privatpraxis  Dr. Hilton is also a strong demanded study center for clinical trials with experienced investigators and study staff.Dr. Hilton received his medical training as a dermatologist and allergist in  Europe; at the Heinrich-Heine University of Medicine in Duesseldorf, at the Hopital Necker and Institut Pasteur in Paris and the Hospital Clinico in Barcelona.As one of the first physicians in Germany using botulinum toxin Dr. Hilton is one of Germany’s most experienced practitioner in a variety of anti-ageing treatments and various skin rejuvenation techniques. In addition to teaching physicians in his private academy he works as an author and also gives lectures and medical training courses in Europe, Asia, Canada and the US.