Dr Javier BEUT

Dr Javier Beut works as an Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialized in Oculoplastic and Rhinoplastic reconstructive procedures, being member of differents societies lile the Rhinoplasty Society USA and Europe He has developed non surgical facial rejuvenation techniques , published at PRJ, ASJ,like the "no touch for lip enhancement" “Volumizing Viaducts of the Midface: defining the Beut Techniques...  He has been a pioneer in cadaveric studies demonstrated throughout his 3 D videos and live demos: nowadays collaborates with Imcas Academy (https://www.imcas.com/en/academy/marketplace).With his Mentor and partner, Dr Glenn Jelks organizes the B&J Oculoplastic Symposium in Palma de Mallorca, Spain(https://beutjelks2017.splashthat.com). Currently runs 2 days surgical &  Non-Surgical Course for Facial Rejuvenation & Cadaver Lab Palma de Mallorca-SPAIN He is an international speaker in many Symposiums and others institutions like the Stanford University- Dept Plastic Surgery, - in the USA. Since 1989 he is involved in Humanitarian Surgical Collaboration since he was a resident, founding in 2000 his non-profit organization, Cirujanos Plastikos Mundi, organizing workshops about Cleft Lip and Nose, Oculoplastics, Albino´s.. for doctors at the III World (or underdeveloped ).The aim of the foundation is education as a development tool : www.institutodrbeut.com.