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IMCAS World Congress 2019


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Las presentaciones

Oradores Título de la presentación Resumen Número
New hope for treatment of acute cutaneous leishmaniasis by oral zinc sulfate and oral ketocanazole Ver 79247
A unique combination of small-particle-size HA and thermal fractional skin rejuvenation system for the rapid improvement of skin quality Ver 83251
Nose volumeplasty Ver 79055
The impact of facial melanosis on patients with dark skin: clinical and histopathological study with new concept Ver 79281
Chemical peel and its implications Ver 75663
Non-surgical reshaping of the nose with IPN like HA Ver 83563
Efficacy and safety of HA fillers for facial augmentation including lower face in an Asian population Ver 83477
Efficacy and safety of two injection volumes of abobotulinumtoxinA in treatment of glabellar lines: data from two studies Ver 83479
Association of a single session of PRP and MFU for dermal autologous collagen regeneration: a prospective study on periocular wrinkles. Ver 79635
Prospective non-randomized observational study of female subjects treated with a FDA-cleared tissue stabilized-guided subcision (TS-GS) system for cell Ver 81603
The best way to predict the future of aesthetic surgery & cosmetic dermatology healthcare is to create it Ver 81565
Secure thread procedures to avoid patient and doctor troubles Ver 82073
Young male and aesthetics Ver 82975
High intense electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to build muscle and sculpt the body Ver 83489
Blepharoplasty update: when arcus marginalis decides Ver 81807
Management of Darier's disease with the combination of fractional Er:YAG laser and diclofenac gel Ver 83243
Short-term advantages and long-term complications of breast augmentation surgery by injected polyacrylamide hydrogel Ver 83413
Treatment of facial angiofibromas with the combination of full-field Er:YAG laser and topical sirolimus 0,25% Ver 83447
Treatment of acne scar with ultrapulse fractional CO2 laser: approach based on ablative depth Ver 81217
Save your face and age nicely! An individualized approach to natural face reshaping - Supporting volumetry Ver 81033
Antigravity facelift - Non-surgical SMAS lifting with supporting volumetry Ver 82113
Bio nutri lips concept - Comprehensive approach to natural reconstruction of the perioral area, the chin and the jowl Ver 82119
An alternative periorbital treatment option for patients with hyperpigmentation associated with the tear trough deformity using CaHA Ver 83127
Is there a place for kinesiology tapes in plastic, dermatologic and aesthetic surgery? Ver 83583
Split face comparison of standard vs intensive dermal redensification for skin aging Ver 83263
Heavy face, restrictions and possibilities of treatment Ver 81993
Short pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser treatment for previously treated capillary malformations in adults Ver 83041
Mini-invasive treatment for cellulite blemishes Ver 83381
Endolift and MFU for the best face and body non-surgical lifting Ver 83383
Rare side effects after a non-invasive hyperthermic lipolytic treatment using a 1060 nm laser: 6 case reports Ver 83557
"Cold" microneedling vs. thermalyl enhanced needling: does adding heat improve the clinical outcome by a factor of 10? Ver 78425
Avoiding fat embolism in liposuction Ver 79629
New technology for post liposuction skin tightening Ver 81031
An algorithm for facial rejuvenation: principles and clinical applications Ver 83111
Avoiding and treating soft tissue filler complications: a personal experience Ver 83113
Body dysmorphic disorder in aesthetic practice: an under-recognized condition Ver 83155
Comparison of adherence capabilities of minimally invasive facelift products Ver 83039
Regenerative aesthetics Ver 83549
Patient beliefs following long-term abobotulinumtoxinA treatment for glabellar lines: the APPEAL study Ver 83307
Carbon peel Ver 83593
Autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation and augmentation mastopexy Ver 75955
Biological effects of HA based dermal fillers and fractional ablative laser therapy on human organotypic full-thickness skin equivalents Ver 83117
Comorbidity as an important factor for the development of delayed complications of filling Ver 83525
Laser lipolysis: new hope for the hidroadenisitis suppurativa (HS) Ver 83475
New plasma device for the abdomen shaping Ver 83467
The permanent solution for the cellulite Ver 83507
EBD SMAS lifting to solve the problem of malar bags Ver 83075
A placebo-controlled study on the effects of oral collagen peptide intake on skin hydration: elasticity, roughness and density Ver 83253
Decrease in therapeutic effect among botulinum toxin type A agents: analysis of the FDA adverse event reporting system database Ver 83209
Improvement of skin quality through oral intake of collagen peptides Ver 83271
Open label multicenter post-market clinical follow-up to confirm the performance and the safety of CPM-HA20 in facial skin revitalization Ver 83551
Autologous conditioned serum for facial skin rejuvenation: in vivo and in vitro results Ver 83565
Facial contouring with HA dermal fillers, some new points to achieve remarkable facelift in Indian patients: an innovative technique Ver 81505
To study the efficacy of oral ranitidine in molluscum conatgiosum in pediatric age group patients Ver 81511
Use of cogged threads for body contouring Ver 83157
Multiple basal cell carcinoma on a patient with Goltz syndrome Ver 71705
Facial post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treated with oral tranexamic acid combined with topical 4-butylresorcinol and superficial chemical peel Ver 83581
Injectable and laser: combined treatment for superior aged skin repair 84181
Advanced 2D & 3D imaging in aesthetic medicine: friend or foe? Ver 83569
Long duration of effect for abobotulinumtoxinA Ver 83125
Systematic literature review examining onset and duration of a botulinum toxin / type A for glabellar lines Ver 83255
What are the repercussions for the reconstructive surgery after 3 techniques: sleeve gastrectomy, by pass, partial stomach plication gastroplasty Ver 83589
Lower face and periocular non-surgical lifting with thermal regulated endoplasma Ver 83405
Association of corporal procedures: PLLA and HIFU Ver 83391
Treatment of port wine stains with 595 nm PDL in 27 pediatric patients: a prospective study in the Iranian population Ver 82991
Topical sirolimus as adjuvant therapy with PDL in the treatment of port wine stains: a randomized double blind placebo controlled trail Ver 83417
In vitro melanin quantification and in vivo evaluation of a new non-hydroquinone, multi-action skin brightening cream Ver 80789
Protective effects of a comprehensive topical antioxidant against ozone-induced damage in a 3D human skin model Ver 80791
Transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) inhibition is related to suppression of inflammation-associated hypermelanosis Ver 80569
New method to study the balance of firmness and flexibility for HA fillers Ver 83415
Melasma treatment using Q-switched Nd:YAG and PRP in skin of color Ver 81475
Onychomycosis treatment using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser in itraconazole resistant cases Ver 81481
Resistant and recalcitrant onychomycosis treatment using Q-switched Nd:YAG nanosecond laser USFDA approved Ver 81951
Acne scar treatment of drug delivery system with PLA installed in fractional microneedling system Ver 83089
Systematic literature review examining satisfaction with abobotulinumtoxinA for glabellar lines Ver 83261
Biologic drugs treatment effect on psychologic morbidity on patients with psoriasis in remission in comparison to conventional therapy Ver 78587
TCA-H2O2: a new frontier for non-invasive dermal stimulation Ver 83225
Injections in dermatology practice Ver 83891
Plasma exeresis: a multitasking technique to treat several skin conditions Ver 80453
Enzymatic remodeling combined treatment: a novel facial remodeling approach Ver 83161
Tolerability of local anesthesia in the lower face MFU treatment: a retrospective study Ver 83393
Intraoral transmucosal RF to treat cheek laxity? Ver 83571
Hyaluronan hybrid cooperative complexes support muscle derived cell differentiation: an in vitro study for new prospective in regenerative medicine Ver 83455
Differentiation of MFU with visualization treatment using a customized management protocol of see-plan-treat Ver 83561
Using reflectance confocal microscopy to observe in vivo Ver 83395
Management of delayed skin necrosis following HA filler injection using pulsed hyaluronidase Ver 82759
Male scalp wrinkles treatment with HA skinbooster - Case report Ver 83239
Unmet needs in non-surgical aesthetic medicine: the patient perspective Ver 84385
Holistic approach in injectable rejuvenation of nasolabial folds - Assessment and different approaches to deliver optimum total face result and patient satisfaction Ver 78051
Picosecond fractional Nd:YAG laser for treatment of acne scars Ver 83403
Prospective, randomized, investigator-blinded, split-face evaluation of a topical crosslinked hyaluronic acid serum for post-procedural improvement of skin quality and biomechanical attributes 84396
Treatment of vascular occlusion after HA filling: a case series Ver 83223
Combination of fractional laser CO2 and PRP as a method for skin rejuvenation Ver 82225
Tattoo removal using the combination of the picosecond Alexandrite laser and fractionated CO2 ablation: report of three clinical cases Ver 83545
Mini-invasive techniques for periorbital area correction Ver 83517
Hydroxylase in skin cells of patients with acne Ver 83233
Combination of HIFU and recombinant enzymes for facial and neck rejuvenation Ver 83401
More than skin tightening: fractional RF treatment as a skin multitool Ver 82479
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