Lipofilling & Stem Cells

Lipofilling & stem cells video workshop
Dr Bernard MOLE A tribute to Dr Yves Gerard Illouz watch video
Pr Guy MAGALON Introduction to low quantity facial fat grafting - hands watch video
Dr Steven R COHEN Introduction watch video
Dr Ali MOJALLAL Facial rejuvenation using microfat, PRP and mechanically dissociated SVF watch video
Pr Guy MAGALON Microfat injection in reconstructive surgery of the face - video : scleroderma and facial asymetry watch video
Dr David Rubenovich GRISHKYAN Lipofilling of upper and lower eyelids. Volumetric concept of beauty watch video
Dr Norbert PALLUA Autologous micro fat grafts in combination with the high SMAS facelift for facial rejuvenation - video: autologous micro fat grafts for facial rejuvenation watch video
Dr Steven R COHEN Video: cell enriched fat transfer watch video
Pr Guy MAGALON Questions & answers with Professor Magalon watch video
Dr Alfredo Ernesto HOYOS ARIZA Multilayer fat grafting with stem cells enrichment watch video
Dr Klaus UEBERREITER Practical tips and tricks in mega fat grafting - video: breast watch video
Dr Daniel DEL VECCHIO Large volume fat transplantation and emerging techniques in the buttock - video: buttock watch video

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