Shahien DOLLIE 医师

Dr Shahien Dollie has an acute passion for aesthetic medicine and is an active practitioner and advocate for this growing field in South Africa, a country both plagued and blessed as being a first and third world country. After attaining his MBChB from the University of Cape Town in 2006, Dr Shahien Dollie practiced general medicine and orthopaedics. He then developed an interest and fascination for aesthetic medicine. Dr Shahien Dollie graduated (cum laude) and completed the only registered course on aesthetic medicine in South Africa: the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine in 2014. He has completed numerous other aesthetic training sessions, workshops and congresses since, and has been appointed Medical Director at The Aesthetic Doctors. Dr Shahien Dollie serves on the scientific committee of the South African Association of Cosmetic Doctors, is an executive committee member of the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa and is a full member of the Dermatological and Surgical International League. In addition, Dr Dollie has authored several aesthetic articles in electronic and print media.

"While general practice has given me a good insight and understanding of medical conditions and health, and orthopaedics has taught me a great deal about the structure and form of the human body, it is within aesthetic medicine that elegance, beauty and art, and science, discipline and allopathic medicine have borders that are both shared and blurred. Thus by combining artistic creativity with sound scientific medical practices, aesthetic medicine allows one bring out one’s inner elegance and beauty like the proverbial butterfly emerging from its cocoon."