"El momento más agradable y la mejor conferencia de aprendizaje en la que haya participado"

"Quite simply, I think there is no better way to stay on the cutting edge in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology than to attend an IMCAS congress. As a US-based cosmetic dermatologist, I find IMCAS a tremendous learning experience. It's a fascinating glimpse into the future in so many aspects of my field. Truly unmatched in its innovative content and creative programming."

Dr Hema SUNDARAM Dermatólogo, Estados Unidos

"Excellent academic conference. You did a fabulous job. The meeting, accomodations, and the gala were truly outstanding. You have built and organized a meeting which is truly impressive. I continue to be impressed by your meeting, in organization, scope, and quality."

Pr Jonathan SYKES Cirujano plástico facial, Estados Unidos

"This was the most outstanding IMCAS as well as multi-specialty cosmetic meeting I have ever attended. The panels were successful and all tasks I was involved with were objective, relevant and unbiased."

Dr Gary D MONHEIT Dermatólogo, Estados Unidos

...y cientos de otros maravillosos testimonios recibidos de cada congreso...
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