LifeViz® Infinity : All in One System for Face, Body & Breast

Synergize your practice
The LifeViz® Infinity is a comprehensive 3D solution for face, body and breast procedures. Capture an accurate representation to help patients see themselves in 3D. Open a dialogue with patients and enhance the overall consultation experience.

The LifeViz® Infinity is a unique system composed of a 3D camera mounted on a tripod with a turntable allowing quick capture of a 360° 3D body image. In hand-held mode, the camera is capable of generating 3D images of face and breast to simulate procedures and photo-document before/after interventions, without blocking an entire exam room with cumbersome equipment.

Adapted for a wide range of needs, the compact system offers cutting edge 3D image quality and reproducibility allowing better physician-patient communication and greater conversions.