How do we keep moving on? Alma’s Vision for 2021

March 9th, 2021
Lior Dayan, CEO:

Inspirations and breakthroughs are REAL more than ever:
Major advancements that take place at times of challenge, difficulty, and uncertainty.
2020 is over, but we still feel it in so many ways.
And 2021 is already here –
We work from the office & remotely, we work in different time zones, via ZOOM meetings and communicate in multiple languages.
We find every solution we can to WORK without any excuses…

Is it truly the fresh start the world was expecting for?
YES! I’m filled with optimism and hope as I see our accomplishments.
We faced and overcame huge challenges in a global organization and as individuals.

This global pandemic period has changed our lives significantly for the short term, changes that hopefully won’t stay with us for long, yet enabled us to plan a bright future. Nowadays, when urgency and long-distance generate one hybrid concept, face-to-face meetings and events are replaced with digital interactions in the form of global webinars, live broadcasts, and on-line communication. The acceleration of digital transformation is one that I expect to last and impact our industry the most in the coming years, amplifying and resonating the voice of the customer within the corporate.

Our mission at Alma for 2021 is to excel under this “new norm”:
Leveraging our global reach and agile nature to bring new insights, practical knowledge and added value to our partners, customers, and consumers.
Wishing us all a healthy successful 2021.