JETT PLASMA For Her II is a medical device intended to a rejuvenation of the tissue in the vulvovaginal area to mitigate, treat or prevent disease. The device based on the physical principle of direct current performs membrane depolarization, reversible electroporation and generates heat, which activates the formation of a new collagenous connective tissue that breaks down and replaces the old tissue. A stronger and more elastic fibrous structure is formed and tissue rejuvenation occurs. Basic information: • Certified Medical device (CE1023 - Institute for testing and certification) • Patented DC technology • Simple handling and control • 8 intensities available • 3 types of applicators in the standard pack • Safe, comfortable, painless treatment • Short treatment time • Non-surgical • No hormones, no scars, no anaesthesia • Certified for gynaecology Mechanism: Positive effect of JETT PLASMA For Her II is caused by combination of heat, membrane depolarization and low threshold reversible electroporation. The passage of direct current generates heat, which activates the formation of new collagen connective tissue, leading to a rejuvenation and stronger and more flexible tissue structure. Membrane depolarization and reversible electroporation reduces the barrier and enable easier passage of ions and molecules through cell membranes.