JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL is a revolutionary medical device for use in aesthetics, dermatology and ophthalmology. With respect to its wide range of applications, the device has also been tested in other medical sectors. Thanks to the unique technology, the JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL device allows to achieve a long-lasting effect without scars and hyperpigmentation. Compared with the competitors, the JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL device has a great advantage consisting in the highest accuracy of discharge focusing, which leads to a quick healing after treatment. Basic information: • Certified medical device (CE 0123) • Patented DC technology • Plasma treatment (ionized gas) • Simple handling and control • 8 intensities available • 5 applicators in the standard pack • Safety, efficiency and speed • Lightweight and portable • Certified for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and ophthalmology Mechanism: The JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL device generates a sequence of spark discharges using the DC voltage. Spark discharges generate heat that warms the skin. It is a DC fulguration which, compared to AC fulguration, affects a smaller area of ??the skin, is very accurate and the DC discharge does not damage the surrounding tissues. The plasma discharge with a corona at the edge is generated between the tip of the device and the conductively connected skin of the patient (to the device), with the tip distance of 2 mm above the skin. The air, which contains free electrons in the point of the discharge, gains a high energy, which leads to the breakdown of the air, which ceases to be the insulator and starts to conduct electric current (a discharge is generated). This leads to ionization of the air, which thus becomes a plasma.