Zaffiro is the only medical device that combines synergistic hydro- exfoliation - SMART HYDRO TECHNOLOGY - and InfraRed thermo-lifting - SMART THERMOLIFTING - to improve skin texture and tighten face and body. In 20 to 40 minutes only: > Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles > Improves elasticity, resilience and texture > Up to 40% increase in fibroblasts 21 Days post-treatment in an in vivo clinical study.* > Up to 101% increase in fibroblasts 21 Days post-treatment when used into #Nlift protocol.* *Nicola ZERBINATI, Hassan Ibrahim GALADARI, Pawel KUBIK, Sergey IVANOV, Neauvia Symposium – Holistic approach in treating mid-face. Neauvia Smart Combination Therapy (SCT) – IMCAS Paris 2020 CE Mark, FDA cleared