To all women and men looking for beautification, prevention, and rejuvenation, PERFECTHA® is a tailor-made range of “Made in France” HA dermal fillers designed for wrinkle correction, facial contouring and volume restoration. It gives your patients the best naturallooking results lasting up to 18 months*, so they can regain self-confidence, with a good value for money.

- E-Brid technology providing a unique cross-linked gel:
Easy to inject with efficient lifting and volumizing effect, offering natural-looking results lasting up to 18 months*
- Established product: Over 3.5M syringes sold worldwide and more than 10 years of clinical use
- High quality product 100 % made in France

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* Prospective study of evaluation of the results achieved with the application of a new gel of HA non animal origin (Perfectha Subskin) for malar and mental enhancement.