Skin Tech®

Skin Tech® offers a wide range of peeling depths, from epidermal up to reticular dermis, which are effective, easy to use and particularly reliable. The results are predictable and reproductible. The range of Skin Tech® products is composed of 2 synergetic groups: medical peelings, dedicated to medical professionals (dermatologists, physicians and/or plastic surgeons), and cosmeceuticals to sustain and prolongate its effects. The philosophy of Skin Tech® continues its evolution to supply the safest and most efficient solutions for different skin phototypes and problems. The products are manufactured according to European Directives (93/42/EEC) and cosmetics good manufacturing practices, GMP and ISO 22716:2007 and following ISO 13485:2016. SUPERFICIAL PEELS NEW – EASY DROXY AZELAIC PEEL - Self neutralizing (without neutralization) // 25 peels: 50 mL vial EASY DROXY VERSICOLOR PEEL - NO MISTAKES IN NEUTRALIZATION - Unique combined peel in thick liquid crystal gel - EASY PHYTIC PEEL - SLOW RELEASE ALPHA HYDROXY – Self neutralizing (without neutralization) // 25 peels: 50 mL vial MEDIUM PEELS - CE CLASS IIa EASY TCA® TCA REFERENCE PEEL - Multi-indications · Easy to do · Maximum security 4 peels; 12 peels; 24 peels EASY TCA® PAIN CONTROL LESS PAIN, MORE GAIN - Maximum comfort for the patient 4 peels; 24 peels UNIDEEP DERMO-EPIDERMAL REGENERATION - Flexible treatment 2 peels DEEP PEELS - CE CLASS IIa ONLY TOUCH PEEL - FOCAL & UNIQUE - For hands & forearms & decollete EASY PHEN VERY LIGHT - BEST FOR EARLY PHOTO-AGING - Skin remodelling with lifting effect EASY PHEN LIGHT - DEEP PEEL - Strong skin rejuvenation LIP & EYELID - TRI-DIMENSIONAL LIFTING - Optimal and long-lasting results SPECIAL DAILY CARE Skin Tech® Daily Care comprises a range of creams especially formulated to help and protect the skin in the process of its regeneration during and after peel treatment. ACTILIFT® - DMAE lifting TENSOR EFFECT + QUICK ACTION ATROFILLIN® - Skin volumizer · Lightening · Antioxidant · Lifting BLENDING BLEACHING CREAM - Anti-oxidant · Anti-pigmentation CLEANSER - For any skin type · Dermatologically tested DHEA-PHYTO CREAM - Effective restoration for mature skin IPLASE MASK® CREAM - Post treatment cream MAMOFILLIN CREAM / MILK - Delicate breast care MELABLOCK-HSP® SPF 30/ 50 + - Protection against: UVA - UVB , Anti-free radicals , Anti-thermal stress PURIFYING CREAM - Acneic tendency PURIGEL - Acneic tendency, Long-term skin care NUTRITIVE CREAM VIT. A-C-E LIPOIC COMPLEX - Anti-aging , Multivitamins and antioxidant VIT. E ANTI-OXYDANT FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN - Post-treatment moisturizing, Antioxidant