HAPPY intim®

Intimate rejuvenation for aesthetic medicine & ginecology. HAPPY intim® products are aimed at improving the quality of life in the field of intimate relationships and at decreasing such problems as dryness, flabbiness, and excessive dark skin color of the skin. HAPPY intim® offers a complete CE marked professional treatment approach targeted to offer to aesthetic medicine & ginaecology specialists solutions in the field of intimate rejuvenation such as: genital bleaching, intimate rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, skin nursinig.... BRITHENING HAPPY Intim® - Vigorate - Improves the intimate skin texture and clarifies skin color imperfections HAPPY Intim® Peel - Lightens and rejuvenates the skin on genital area - Improves skin quality - Lightening effect HAPPY Intim® Lightening Cream - Promotes a rapid regeneration after HAPPY Intim® peels application REBIRTH HAPPY Intim® Rebirth Gel - Rejuvenates and hydrates the skin on genital area - Fights against skin aging and its consequences HAPPY Intim® Rebirth Cream - Hydrates and repairs the skin after HAPPY intim® injections - Recommended before and after injectable treatment POST-TREATMENT HAPPY Intim® Revival - Delays the aging process - Helps to reestablish and maintain the hydration SKIN NURSING HAPPY Intim® Body Peel - Non-abrasive exfoliant cleansing foam pH 3,5 - Lightening effect - Improves skin texture HAPPY Intim® Body Butter - Formulated to be used after HAPPY Intim® Body Peel - Improves skin healing - Antioxidant effect CONDITIONING – NEW HAPPY Intim® Nebula - Multifunctional innovative gel-protectant for skin well-being - Provides an immediate smoothing-soothing (SS) effect. HAPPY Intim® Satin - Formulated with soothing, moisturizing, anti-irritant and protecting actives. - Aimed to help to skin defence and reparation whilst lubricate and soothes it. HAPPY Intim® Velagel - Intimate cleanser - Optimizes the cutaneous ecoflora, thus strengthening the biological defenses. - Intiamate pH balanced and gentle formula - It helps to relieve unpleasant sensations, such as irritation, dryness, burning, itching, ensuring sexual comfort and wellbeing.