A revolutionary treatment - Based on the cutting-edge selective molecules for fighting against hyperpigmentation Benebellum means a “good war” against hyperpigmentation, which is newly developed by Skin Tech Pharma Group’s Research Team. This brand offers a complete solution for treating the skin with blemishes or imperfections, based on the new antiaging strategies with the cutting-edge selective molecules, such as Tranexamic Acid, 4 Hexyl-resorcinol, Visible Light Filter. The treatment plan includes various options along with their mode of action, indication and skin type. PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT TX Solution - Spot Remover Unify skin tone • Brighten • Radiant • Antioxidant • Against photoaging, skin imperfection with localized skin marks. TX Foam - Extraordinary soft Cleanser Non-abrasive cleansing foam -pH~3,5- enhancing the skin’s radiance • Prepares the skin before BeneBellum® treatment • For skin with blemishes or imperfections • For any age, type and skin condition • Helps to unify the skin tone and smoothen the skin • Recommended for daily use Lumpeel Gentle exfoliation and dermis remodeling • Improves skin texture and appearance, provide turgor, unify the tone, firming and tensor effect • Phototypes I to VI • pH~0,5 Lumpeel COSMO Improves uneven skin tone, sun and age spots, hyperpigmentation and dullness • Softens and smoothens skin surface • Moisturizes skin • Prevention of hyperpigmentation • Phototypes I to VI • pH~3,5 Lumpost - Post peel recovery cream Helps to renew and revitalize the skin • Upgrades skin comfort intensifying the firming and softening effects of the aesthetic treatments • Accelerates the healing processes in the skin •Promotes even skin tone HOME CARE Fulgora 50+ - Intensive brightening cream with Indoor and outdoor photo-protection Lumina Vit A+E - Renewal night equilibrium cream with high concentration of pure Vitamins A and E provide maximum moisturizing and antioxidant actions Lumina Vit-C 18% - Long lasting antioxidant serum, combats skin aging by helping to the synthesis of pro-collagen/collagen