SoftFil EasyGuide Micro-cannulas

For easy injections… and much more!

Experience a new way of safe injections
Discover the international patent pending SoftFil® EasyGuide, a revolution in cannula injections as a new step in your expertise.
With its distinctive unique V shape, SoftFil® EasyGuide ensures practicioners an ideal visibility of the injection point to aim at.
This pilote “needle” combines the gesture of creating a pre-hole (insertion point) and injecting with the micro-cannula.
The injection is facilitated, for a good comfort of your patient.

Features and benefits :

- Distinctive ‘V’ shape for easy, gentle, precise injections
- Perfect tool for fast, safe and effective injections, minimizing tissue damage, hematoma or swelling
- Designed for optimal aseptic use

Unit per box: 20