Who we are

May 3rd, 2021
Created by doctors, Universkin is a community of over 1000 dermatologists and skin physicians spread across 38 countries. Backed by the latest science and technology, we love, recognize and treat each person as a unique individual and deliver your skin the bespoke fresh on demand treatment it really needs.

We’re not one of those big corporations, mass producing and selling one-size fits all skincare because “You’re worth it”.
We’re not a “Brand”, we’re not marketing gurus, we’re not exclusive to a happy few.

No. On the contrary.

We’re medical professionals, so we know you have no skin B and each skin requires its unique care and true guidance on the long run. That’s why we use face-to-face diagnostics, cutting edge technology and collective intelligence to create fresh, personalized, highly concentrated, evolutive treatments for your skin, bringing true results.

We’re are Skincare Activists.
We are Universkin.