Introducing our new headquarters

March 31st, 2021
It is with great honor and joy that we proudly share with you an important milestone for our company, for our family and for all GPQ employees.

Yesterday, November 11th 2020, we have officially moved to the new GPQ Headquarters. November 11th is a date that means a lot to us: on this day each year we celebrate the anniversary of PRX-T33 debuting on the international market. So, from now on, this date will be special for another historic achievement and we will doubly celebrate!

It has been a long way for us: a path that began with the search for a suitable location for our production, and which was realized with the complete renovation of a building that today represents our philosophy, based on a key word: regeneration. We have transformed an old industrial space into a modern industry 4.0, thus applying our way of thinking and the spirit of WiQo, which aims for both beauty and innovation.

Every day in the tastefully appointed meeting rooms designed with meticulous attention to detail, the presence of artistic elements enters the company's daily life, while Dr. Castellana studies and researches new products with her team, which will represent, like today with PRX-T33, the future of regenerative medicine.