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Dr Francesco ROMEO

Cirujano Plástico

Francesco ROMEO was born in September 1st 1963 in Paola (South of Italy) and has lived and worked in Rome since 1981.

He received his master degree in Medicine and Surgery cum Laude, in October 1987, at "La Sapienza"University of Rome. In November 1992 at the age of twenty-nine he was fully licensed as General surgeon cum Laude at "La Sapienza" University of Rome and he was successfully awarded the Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery of the School of Specialization in Plastic Surgery at Padua University.

He is Contract Professor to the University of Rome "G.Marconi".For 30 years he has been working as Surgeon in a Public Hospital and in Private Practice. Currently he is Consultant for OncoPlastic Surgery in the "Regina Apostolorum" Hospital. More than 4000 major surgical procedure are on his log-book. His courses about Eye Rejuvenation with [U.E.F.A.]Technique (Upper Eyelid Filling Approach) and Total FacialProfiloplaty with MesoRhinoFiller are attended by aesthetic surgeons and doctors in Italy, Europe, Asia and America.  He has been appointed for teaching how to improve look appearance and eye rejuvenation to many post-graduate aesthetic plastic surgery classes and Masters (advanced formation courses) at Italian Universities and Superior Schools of Aesthetic Medicine. He has also held clinical presentations at many congresses of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, he has participated to more than 200 congresses and courses, more than 100 as lecturer and faculty, he has been awarded for the best lecture by S.I.E.S. (Bologna, 2016).

He is an active Effective Member of A.I.C.P.E. (Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica ed Estetica) from foundation. 

In 2016 he published on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery "Upper Eyelid Filling With or Without Surgical Treatment" Vol.40(2) pp223-235, in 2019 on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Vol 43 "UEFA Technique Upper Eyelid Filling Approach State of the Art after 500 consecutive cases"  and a bilingual (Italian-English) book "Eye Rejuvenation and Upper Eyelid - Hyaluronic Acid Filler - Resective Procedures and Medical-Surgical Technique" ActaMedica publisher with an introduction by one of the most relevant Cosmetic Surgeons in the world Giovanni Botti.  

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