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Cirujano Plástico

Dr. Max-Adam Scherer, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, born in 1981 in Voronez, Russia.

Education and professional background:

• at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University: - basic medical education as general practitioner/physician; - residency in general surgery; - fellowship in dermatovenerology;

• at B.V. Petrovsky Russian Scientific Surgery Center:  - fellowship in plastic surgery;

• subsequent employment at Moscow private aesthetic clinics as a plastic surgeon and dermatocosmetologist.

At present Dr. Scherer has his own private practice in Moscow - the Clinic of High Aesthetic Medicine (opened in 2014).

Dr. Scherer constantly enhances well-known treatment techniques and develops own new methods in his practice, widely presents his experience at Russian and international congresses and meetings on aesthetic medicine, teaches at seminars and gives master classes as a certified trainer, publishes articles in Russian and international specialized journals.

His special interests include: low invasive face and neck aesthetic plastic surgery ensuring maximally natural looking rejuvenation; thread use in aesthetic surgery; non-invasive regenerative rejuvenative injection methods.

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