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Dr Reza Orouji , who received his medical degree 15 years before at age 25 years from the Mazandaran Medical University. After three years of practice, He opened his own beauty clinic in Mazandaran and northern Iran. Now all of her work is in the field of cosmetic surgery. Over the past 5 years, modern methods of liposuction and injection and fat transfer to other parts of the body have started in combination with other methods of cosmetic surgery such as combination injection of fat with rejuvenating filler and threads in the face and body. He has a lot of skill in the suctioning of legs and arms, which is hard work, and has achieved very significant results.He is trainer of APTOS THREADS LIFTING and expert doctor in face lifting and did more than 1000 case of face lifting in 2 past years. He owns two patents in the field of medical and therapeutic equipment that has been in production.




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