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Dr Sadiye KUS


Dr. Sadiye Kus was trained in medicine and specialized in Dermatology. She worked for Acibadem Healthcare Group and Anadolu Medical Center, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine. She currently runs a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Istanbul,Turkey.
Dr. Kus is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV), Turkish Society of Dermatology and The Institute for Functional Medicine. She is an invited speaker on national and international scientific meetings on aesthetic medicine. 
Dr. Kus’s aesthetic point of view is naturalistic and holistic. She believes in improving quality of life by helping people to have a healthy and glowing skin appropriate to their age groups. She provides a holistic care including energy based devices, cosmetic dermatology procedures including toxins and fillers integrated with nutrition support, supplements and topicals.
Dr. Kus is married and has two children. She is an open water marathon swimmer, traveller and avid reader.

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