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Hong Kong

Dr Xanya Weiss is a double PhD with a doctorate from City University London and a doctorate from New School in New York, USA.

Research: Cellular Regeneration, Signalling Pathways, Analysis of protein increase as a result of specific signals transmitted through ion channels at energies below thermal noise.  Conducted research with the co-inventor of the first Pacemaker Gerry Pollock in the EU funded Innova Science Research Part in the UK on the Motor Nerve Signaling pathways that transverse the Central Nervous System to increase hormonal secretion and erythrocyte separation. 

Publications:  Several Publications in the American Academy of Anti-aging Journals including: "Signalling Pathways and Protein Communications,"  "Specific waveform constellations increase protein production in stem cells" "Signaling Technology, Obesity and Diabetes" "Narcissistic Personality Disorder at a low and higy level of Adaptation". "Signaling Technology Results of T3, DHEA and Muscle Mass increase with a significant increase in Body Fat" and others.

Current interests:  Preventive and Regenerative Medicine with a focus on the effects of protein signaling on the immune system and overall health, Character Disorders and their effects on physical and mental health

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