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«Самая приятная и лучшая обучающая конференция, в которой я участвовал»

"The Congress was very informative, exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount of clinically useful information, the exhibition was super impressive - all the latest technology and developments from all over the world!"

Доктор Julia MELAMED IMCAS World Congress 2023 Врач внутренней медицины, США

"Excellent presentations, a lot of learning and techniques that can be applied in our daily practice in our offices. I thought it was the best and I would attend again without a doubt."

Доктор Olinser Felipe RODRIGUEZ ESTRADA IMCAS Americas 2024 Доктор медицины, Мексика

"It is the only congress in the world that brings dermatologists and plastic surgeons together to analyze the latest advances in aesthetic treatments. Both specialties expose their points of view and experience, offering high level talks."

Доктор Giselle Mariela ERAZO BELTRAN IMCAS Americas 2023 Дерматолог, Эквадор

... и сотни дополнительных замечательных отзывов, полученных на каждом конгрессе ...
Не принимайте их как должное и приходите сами!